What is the Big Red Pedicycle?

The Big Red Pedicycle is a 15-passenger bike. This open-air “tour bus” has seats lining both sides and a back bench for riders to sit on. Only instead of just sitting there, you pedal! Riders work together to casually pedal the Big Red Pedicycle around Philly and stop at historic sites during the day and popular pubs at night. It is the perfect vehicle for historic tours, team-building events, school trips, pub crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company outings, birthday parties, charity events and so much more.

What if the weather is bad?

No problem! The bikes have large canopies to protect from rain while pedaling. It’s actually really fun when it rains – our groups have a blast.

If there is danger lurking, like a lightning storm or snow, our team will be monitoring the weather all day and will make the decision, based on safety, whether to reschedule the tour or not about two hours before your start time. Please note if it’s raining, we don’t typically cancel a tour. We might start a little later to let a storm pass or keep a group inside a pub for a longer period if the rain becomes really strong while in mid-tour and then adjust for time, but we usually go.

If you or your group decides that you don’t want to go and we haven’t cancelled your tour, there are no rain checks or refunds. Please note that safety is our #1 concern and we have the best interest of the guests in mind…always!

How do we pay?

Click here to book a tour. We accept debit or credit cards (no cash, please). You pay the entire amount at the time of reservation. Please remember to tip your driver/guide, too! Having a problem figuring it out? Call us at 215-625-2509 and we will be glad to help you book a tour.

How many people can fit on the Big Red Pedicycle?

It can hold up to 15 people: There are 10 seats with pedals, two seats without pedals and a three-person bench on the back row to sit back and relax (just ride – no pedaling).

Who drives this thing?

Don’t worry, no one in your group has to drive. One of our drivers/guides will drive and steer the bike. Your group can relax and have fun.

Can we bring food?

For sure, we have lots of storage space on the Big Red Pedicycle. Make sure it is in some type of spill-proof container, please.

When do the tours run?

Our tours run year-round at different times each day. Please note we don’t run later than 10 p.m. out of respect of the local residents.

Can we bring our own beverages?

Due to PA Liquor Laws, no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the pedicycle.

How much is a Big Red Pedal Tour?

Ticket prices vary by type of tour and day of the week. We offer private and public tours that can be booked for large groups at one time (up to 15 passengers per bike) or by individual seat. More info on prices for each tour can be found on each tour’s page.

Should I tip my driver/guide?

Heck yeah, unless for some reason you really didn’t like your driver, then no. Our drivers/guides work hard to make sure you and your group have a good time and a safe trip.

How fast does this bad boy go?

It’ll cruise at a cool 7 mph on flat land. We are not in any hurry!

How do we know if our tour is available when we want it?

Tours are first come, first served! Having a problem figuring it out? Call us at 215-625-2509 and we will be glad to help you book a tour.

What is the least amount of people needed to operate the Big Red Pedicycle?

Our tours require a minimum of four (6) pedalers at a time to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you. We don’t want you to have to work too hard to propel the bike!

Does pedaling actually move the bike forward?

Yes! Pedaling really makes our pedicycles move – it’s not a gimmick. While we can occasionally help you out by turning the motor on occasionally, pedaling is required on our tours. Remember: It’s a pedal tour, not a bus tour. Pedaling makes for all the fun!

It’s just two of us. Can we take the tour anyway?

Of course! Small groups have a blast on our tours. Please email us at info@bigredpedaltours.com and we’ll help you find a date along with another small group so you don’t have to pedal alone. It’s a great way to make new friends, too!

Where did this thing come from?

The idea came from Europe; they are very popular in Dutch and German towns. They are now in over 52 U.S. cities and towns!

Is the Big Red Pedicycle dangerous?

It’s easier than riding a bike, but with anything, a certain amount of risk is involved. Feel free to use one of our helmets if you like – our number one goal is safety!

Is this like... a workout?

Only if you want it to be. It is pretty much as much work as you put into it and as we like to say: “Pedal smart, don’t pedal hard” – The bike won’t move any faster, so no need to tire yourself out. But remember: Pedaling is required!

Big Red Pedal Tours offers a safe, green, healthy and fun way to explore one of America’s most exciting and historically rich cities.

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What You Can Expect

From visiting some of Philadelphia’s most historic sites, to having an awesome time touring some of the best bars in the city, Big Red Tours offers an unforgettable experience.
  • A unique pedal-filled tour
  • Laughs, laughs, and more laughs
  • Incredible food, amazing bars
  • Site seeing along the way
  • Knowledgeable, and friendly guides
  • Memories that will make you want to come back

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